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Your Alternative Amsterdam Walking Tour

History, sights, sure. We got you. But there's more.


Let us take you right into the heart of the city - Its people.

Hello, we're a bunch of Amsterdammers. And boy, we love our city! This is why we created Who Is Amsterdam. It's not just a walking tour, but a real Amsterdam experience which gives you a deeper connection to our city.

Come and be a part of it.

Real Amsterdammers. Real connection.

With us, you'll experience everything Amsterdam is famous for through real stories of real Amsterdammers. 

A cannabis shop owner.

A sex worker.

A bike mechanic.

A local family.

And more! 

We share their stories at incredible locations you won't find on your own. You'll even get to meet two of them! Get to know Amsterdam in ways you'll never forget!


Join us and discover just Who is Amsterdam.

Know the people. Live the city!

Hear the amazing story of Rose, a sex worker

Understand the life of a cannabis shop owner

Discover how Alex keeps Amsterdam in motion

Dive into life on water through the story of Ruud, a real-life pirate

and more

What people say 

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"I've taken hundreds of tours in my 30 years of travel and this was definitely, one of the best, if not the best I've ever taken!"​

- ​Sam , United States

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