Cool things to do in Amsterdam

Getting around in a new city can be challenging. That's why we're here to be your local Amsterdam guide in all aspects and give you all the tips that you need to truly have a wonderful time in our city. From food and drink, to shopping and entertainment, here is our Amsterdam from us to you.

Best food places in Amsterdam



Where: Singel 103

Opening times: 9am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 15min 

Average price: 18 EUR incl. a drink 

Greenwoods Singel woke Amsterdam up when they opened their doors as the very first English breakfast, lunch and tea room in our city in 1988. Since then, they have been serving hungry patrons with a beautiful menu with your traditional English breakfast (they even have a vegan version), eggs Benedict, pancakes and a beautiful selection of pastries, coffee and tea.


Where: Tweede Laurierdwaarstraat 50

Opening times: 8.30am Mon to Fri

Waiting time: Approx. 15 minutes

Average price: 10 EUR incl. a drink

Chez Lorraine is a cosy and charming café that serves homemade food with lots of love and attention. Their food is delicious and their menu is simple. Organic eggs done your way (scrambled, omelette, sunny side up or soft boiled) with meats, crepe with ham or bacon, fruits, muesli. They also have vegetarian and vegan options. The perfect start of your day.


Where: Reestraat 19

Opening times: 9am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 15 minutes

Average price: 12 EUR incl. a drink

Is it a shop? Is it a café? If you enjoy shopping while waiting for your food, then Pluk is up your alley as it's both a shop and a breakfast cafe! Located on the 9 Streets, it’s a cosy breakfast spot which serves some wonderful baked goods, sandwiches, pancakes and coffee. One thing to note: the stairs are narrow and steep. It's Amsterdam, after all!



Where: Singel 404

Opening times: 10:30am from Mon-Sat

Waiting time: Approx. 20min 

Average price: 10 EUR incl. a drink 

Singel 404 is a straightforward and simple place but soooo dam good. They are masters at all kinds of sandwiches at very reasonable prices. White, brown, bagel or Panini, with all kinds of toppings. You name it, they have it!  And the best thing is that the sandwiches are incredibly yummy and generously portioned! Bon appetit! 


Where: Lindengracht 59

Opening times: 9am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 15min 

Average price: 13 EUR incl. a drink

Here you're invited to choose from an amazing variety of small, sweet & savory dishes while enjoying them at this charming,  natural restaurant in our beautiful Jordan neighbourhood. If you want to hang out at one of our awesome parks, they can also prepare a PIQNIQ basket for you. But you have to reserve it 24 hrs in advance. Lekker! 


Where: Eerste van der Helststraat 64

Opening times: 10am from Mon-Sat

Waiting time: Approx. 5-10min 

Average price: 10 EUR incl. a drink

If you want to go exotic, this is it! Suriname was once a colony of the Netherlands. This is why you'll find Suriname food all over Amsterdam. Thank goodness! Because it's so dam delicious. Tijn's Toko is family-owned since 1977 and it's simply the best. It's a takeout and a shop in one! Go for a "Broodje Pom" and surprise yourself.

Sweets and coffee


Where: Heisteeg 4

Opening times: 10am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 15min 

Average price: 2 EUR 

This is seriously a must-do in Amsterdam. You literally can't leave without trying this cookie. Van Stapele makes only one kind of cookie BUT it is the best in Amsterdam, maybe in the world. Sometimes you have to stand in line for more than a few minutes, but it's worth it! Promise! Be fast because they tend to sell out at around 4pm.


Where: Kinkerstraat 112

Opening times: 8am Mon-Fri

9am Sat- Sun

Waiting time: Approx. 5min

Average price: 3 EUR

For the baristas behind the bar of this hip, nice and cosy café, coffee is a religion. And boy, you can taste their love and passion for these brown beans which keep us awake. It's a perfect place for a little break in the afternoon or a breakfast in the morning. Enjoy! 


Where: Oudebrugsteeg 15

Opening times: 10am daily

Waiting time: None. Except if you choose to make your own chocolate bar. That's a 40 minute wait!

Average price: 4 EUR per bar

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tony's Chocoloney; the world's first slave-free chocolate. Yaaaaay! Their motto is "Crazy about chocolate and serious about people". Visit their shop where you can taste their chocolates and even make your own! Also great as a present for your loved ones.  



Where: Bellamyplein 51

Opening times: 11am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 10min

Average price: 12 EUR incl. a drink 

Welcome to this awesome international food hall located in historical former tram depot! This classy indoor food market and bar serves high-end street food. Some food stands are offshoots of popular Amsterdam eateries and breweries. It's located in Amsterdam's hip Oud West neighbourhood. Enjoy! 


Where: Bilderdijkstraat 116

Opening times: 1pm Mon-Wed, 12pm Thur-Sun

Waiting time: Approx. 10min 

Average price: 12 EUR incl. a drink

Anthony Bourdain said that "If you can't make it to Indonesia, go to Amsterdam and get Indonesian food". Indonesia is a former Dutch colony and Indonesian food is a huge part of our culture. Toko Bersama is one of the best takeouts in Amsterdam. Dam good quality at dam good prices! 


Where: Spaarndammerstraat 772

Opening times: 5pm from Tue-Sun

Waiting time: Approx. 25min

Average price: 17 EUR incl. a drink 

This place was awarded the best pizzeria in the Netherlands 3 times. Omg and their pizzas are so yummy! Pinsa's was founded by Italian natives mother and son duo, Marie and Danilo, who live and breathe pizza. They work with original Italian recipes and the service is excellent. Reservations are recommended.


Where: Rozengracht 133

Opening times: Sat-Sun 12pm,

Mon-Fri 6pm

Waiting time: Approx. 30min

Average price: 30 EUR incl. a drink 

Welcome to the theater of fish! If you are a fish lover and/or an experience seeker, this is the place to be! They've thrown out all the old rules, so no more menu's or table service. After a warm welcome, you get to choose your fish at the "Fish Market". Next stop: a  world of beverages accompanied by a sommelier. What's next? Find out for yourself! We love it and it's worth it! 


Where: Albert Cuypstraat 31

Opening times: 6pm Tue-Thur, 11am Fri-Sun

Waiting time: Approx. 30min

Average price: 42 EUR incl. a drink 

You wanna go fancy and Dutch? Well my friend, this is the place to be. Floreyn offers traditional Dutch cuisine but in a fresh and new gourmet jacket. They recreate the flavours  of our rich culinary history by using contemporary cooking skills. Mmm, so good! They use all the best local products which our land and sea has to offer, plus a great selection of beverages, of course, locally brewed! 


Where: Utrechtsestraat 75

Opening times: Fri-Sat 12pm,

Mon-Thur 6pm

Waiting time: Approx. 35min

Average price: 45 EUR incl. a drink 

One of our best Indonesian restaurant choices! This place is cosy, filled with white tablecloths, chandeliers, draped curtains, great service and of course amazing Indonesian food. At least that is what Michelin is saying. We recommend the "rijsttafel" (Indonesian banquet, comprising of 20-plus different small dishes! The wine list is amazing as well! Enjoooooy! 



Where: Albert Cuypstraat

Opening times: 9am Mon-Sat

Welcome to the biggest day market in Europe. The Albert Cuyp is THE market in Amsterdam. We eat here, we buy our flowers, clothes, and everything else we might need here. Experience real Amsterdam humour, buy yourself the best "Stroofwafels", "Poffertjes" and "Haring" in Amsterdam and simply have fun! 


Where: Noordermarkt

Opening times: Sat and Mon 9am

Under the ‘Noorderkerk', on one of the city's most beautiful squares, the Noordermarkt takes place on Monday's and Saturday's. This market is a tradition that originated in the 17th century. It's full of great organic food and everything else you can imagine, especially antiques and vintage stands. On Saturday's, it's the best market in town! 


Where: Gosschalklaan 7

Opening times: First Sunday of the month, starting at 12pm

Sunday shopping in real Amsterdam-style and our personal favorite! This market combines art, fashion and design of creatives who sell here directly to the public. And don't worry if you're hungry, they have awesome organic food stands and the market is also surrounded by great indoor cafes and our lovely Westerpark. 

Drinks and bars


Where: Lijnbaanssteeg 5-7

Opening times: 5:30pm Tue-Sun

Waiting time: Approx. 15min

Average price: 13 EUR per cocktail​

Welcome to one of the top 50 cocktail bars in the world! Located in a beautiful centuries-old building, you get yourself an amazing experience. They will "wow" you by using classic and innovative techniques, stunning pre-sentation and serving vessels. If you wish, you can also dine here. Wow!


Where: Tweede van der Helststraat 3

Opening times: Daily 12pm

Waiting time: Approx. 10min

Average price: 7 EUR per wine glass

If you are a wine lover, this is the place to be. This wine bar and shop with a sunny terrace is a great place to kick back and sip wine you won't find anywhere else. And the best thing? You can try every wine before actually ordering it. Also, they only sell natural wines, so no harm done to your health! Cheers to that!


Where: Pazzanistraat 27

Opening times: 12pm Sat-Sun,

4pm Mon-Fri

Waiting time: Approx. 10min

Average price: 5 EUR per beer

Troost​ is one of our best microbreweries, but this place is more than that; It's a large brewpub with a fantastic view of the brewery. They have around 10 great various beers on draft. Try a "beer flight" where you can sample 4 of their amazing beers for 10 EUR. They also have great burgers and salads. 

Best live music in Amsterdam


Where: Weteringschans 6-8

Opening times: Depends on concert

Entrance fee: Depends on concert

Housed in a former church (yep, welcome to Amsterdam!), Paradiso is a true temple of live music. Think Nirvana, the Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, etc, etc, etc! The list of amazing artists who have performed here is endless.  Its atmosphere and acoustics are internationally renowned. It is also used as a club, so dance on guys! 


Where: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115

Opening times: 9pm daily

Entrance fee: Free

Since many years back, this intimate, dark and dusty little venue has attracted jazz enthusiasts from all over the world to Amsterdam. Each night, a mix of regulars and tourists come here to listen to the rhythms provided by top jazz musicians. Be sure to get here early, and you might have a chance to score a table close to the stage.


Where: Leidsekruisstraat 6-8

Opening times: 10pm daily

Entrence fee: Max. 5 EUR

This former cosy, yet classy blues club now offers all kinds of live music; rock, soul, funk, reggae, folk, blues and everything in between. Every night of the week, you can find touring international artists, high-level cover bands or upcoming local acts on an intimate stage. Check their website for their program. Rock on! 

Best clubs in Amsterdam


Where: Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1

Opening times: 11pm Thur-Sat

Entrence fee: Approx. 16 EU

Did you like going to school? If not, this place might heal your trauma. This amazing club uses a former school building to organize high-quality club nights. Check their website for the program. They also have a restaurant, a café and even a gym. Are you ready for a fun day at school? 


Where: Jan van Galenstraat 6

Opening times: 11pm Fri and Sat

Entrence fee: Approx. 18 EUR

Housed in the Marcanti Building, the name ‘Marktkantine’ is a nod to the building’s former function; a canteen for the wholesale traders who worked at the market next door. Now it's home to one of our best clubs. So get ready to dance the night away! Check their website for their program. 


Where: Louwesweg 1

Opening times: Depending on event

Entrence fee: Approx. 20 EUR

From a swordplay class to booming techno nights: the former office block is now a multidisciplinary creative haven, hosting exhibitions, workshops, club nights and many other events. It's a bit further out of the centre, but it's 100% local and they have amazing programming going on. Dance on! 

Best shopping in Amsterdam


Where: Start at "Reestraat" and take it from here

Opening times: 10am Mon-Sat, 12pm Sun, some shops are closed on Mon

The "Negen straatjes" or the "Nine streets" are 9 picturesque little streets within our famous canal belt - they are full of quirky, fancy and funky shops and wonderful eateries. It is a cosy shopping paradise and it offers a stunning overview of building styles from Amsterdam's golden century.


Where: Haarlemmerstraat

Opening times: 10am Mon-Sat, 12pm Sun, some shops are closed on Mon

The Haarlemmerstraat was awarded best shopping street in Amsterdam a couple of times. It offers independent boutiques, speciality stores, little salons, trendy but affordable restaurants and bars and the oldest cinema in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect spot for hours of relaxed browsing.


Where: Kalverstraat

Opening times: 10am Mon-Sat,

12pm Sun

The Kalverstraat is home to all the shops you would expect to find in a large European city like H&M, Zara, Esprit, Urban Outfitters, Pull & Bear and UNIQLO. It's very busy here but if you're looking for our main shopping street; this is it! For food, however, we recommend going elsewhere.

Best Museums in Amsterdam

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 17.37.16.png

Where: Honthorststraat 20

Opening times: 9am daily

Welcome to the world's first street art museum! There is so much happening in our world. Banksy has his own critical and humorous way of looking at it. And people love it. It wakes you up and makes you think about what is really happening around the world; NOW. Check out this amazing museum! We are curious what you'll think and feel. 


Where: Museumplein 6

Opening times: 9am daily

Genius always finds itself a century too early! Many would say that Vincent's real life sucked; deep depressions, psychoses and cutting off his ear were part of it BUT luckily there was also soooo much genius in his painting. You can witness his work at one of the top museums in the world! Thanks Vincent for the amazing work! 


Where: Prinsengracht 263-267

Opening times: 9am daily

This 14 year old girl gave the whole Jewish population a voice to work through their Second World War trauma. Visit the impressive and original house where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Make your reservations online a.s.a.p. on the same day as it's nearly impossible to get tickets on the spot. Good luck! 

Best Coffee(cannabis)

shops in Amsterdam


Where: Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2R

Opening times: 10am daily

It's time to take your travels to a higher level. This very cosy and safe coffeeshop (aka cannabis shop:)) is located in the beautiful Jordaan area. The quality of the weed is fantastic and they have the city's best homemade space cake. Before you eat it, read the instructions! It's very strong! 


Where: Heisteeg 6

Opening times: 10am daily

Tweede Kamer means second room and it refers to the upper house of the Dutch Parliament. This small shop has a traditional brown bar style look to it, but with a high-quality cannabis menu. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the quality of the cannabis is simply great! Ready to broaden your horizon? Let's go! 


Where: Utrechtsestraat 21

Opening times: 7am Mon-Fri, 9am Sat and Sun

Boerenjongens is the Dutch slang for "Dutch Farmers Boys", and boy they know their crop! You can expect high quality cannabis, great staff in a pharmacy-like atmosphere. They have a great menu, both bio and hydro, with at least 15-20 popular strains. Smoke on! 

Other Awesome Amsterdam Experiences


Where: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30

Opening times: 2pm Thur-Sat

Price: 79 EUR incl drinks and snacks

We love Brews & Tales Amsterdam Craft Beer Tour! It's an experience, a gathering and an exchange. Yes! Of course you'll taste some award-winning Amsterdam craft beers and scrumptious Dutch snacks along the way. But the best thing is that you will really experience our "gezellig" lifestyle and beer culture! Rachael, the owner, will blow you away! "Proost" guys (Cheers in Dutch)!


Where: Nieuwe Leliestraat 2

Opening times: 1pm daily

Price: 25 EUR 

These guys are doing a dam good job! This is not your conventional boat tour, this is a boat adventure. The captains are more like pirates; straight forward, fun, very entertaining and definitly not always sticking to the rules (in a fun way;)). A tour is 90min and the group is small which allows great conversations. You can bring your own drinks, food and weed! They even encourage it. We say: Awesome!


Where: Albert Cuypstraat 75

Opening times: Daily 9am-6pm

Price: 79-89 EUR incl. food and drinks

This is the best food tour in Amsterdam in our eyes. Through the small groups, it's personal, intimate and you get lots of attention from your "Motherbirds". That's how the wonderful ladies who guide the tours call themselves. You will taste all the food and drinks we are famous for, but don't eat too much breakfast before you go there! ;) The hot spots are also where locals hang out, so guys enjoy and have fun!