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Are you still running tours?

Right now, we're not running shared-group tours due to the current Covid situation. But we wanna help travellers like you to travel differently! So we've put together Amsterdam's #1 Food Tour In a Box to help you travel through your taste buds and enjoy Amsterdam from the comfort of your home. Or you could email us to inquire about private tours.

We asked ourselves the question: "What is a city made of?" For us, the answer is clear. It's the people. So we decided to dive beyond facts and figures to share the personal stories of Amsterdammers who embody the famous themes of Amsterdam - Sex work, coffee shops (cannabis shops), bikes, canals, and much more. So that we can help you to not only understand, but also feel how it is to live in Amsterdam. 

What is Who Is Amsterdam?

Imagine this. We meet, we walk, we talk. We go to 8 different places that are relevant to the featured Amsterdammers' lives, and we trade stories. Midway, we even stop for a slice of the best apple pie in Amsterdam and a coffee or tea! And we'll end with a toast at a special microbrewery where we can continue our conversations or leave the experience with a deeper understanding of Amsterdam.

How's your tour like?

Our groups are max 10 people. We like to keep things personal. Another thing close to our hearts is responsible travel. As Amsterdam tourism soars, it's important to keep our groups small to respect our city and her people, as well as to make sure everyone gets our undivided attention and love.

How big are the groups?

It's €69 per person and it includes a delicious slice of apple pie, coffee or tea, and a beer and all our love.

How much does it cost?

We hate to spoil the surprise, but we focus on the neighbourhoods of Jordaan, Central Station, and the Red Light District. Along the way, we will pass by several points of interest in Amsterdam. Bring your camera!

Where will you take us?

In Amsterdam, we say, "You're not made of sugar!" In other words, we run rain or shine! Please dress accordingly.

Do the tours run when it rains?

It's not part of the public experience. But we can arrange it for a private experience, if you wish. During a public experience, the storyteller is in charge of sharing their stories at places which are important to them. We've done the work by interviewing them, weaving their perspectives and life snippets into stories that we are proud to share with you. Through the high level of storytelling, we'll pull every string to make you feel like you're living through their experiences

Will I meet everyone featured?

Yes, they are. However we're also able to provide a private experience in German. In the near future, we're also working on translating them into Italian and Spanish. So keep your eyes peeled for "Chi È Amsterdam?" and "Quién Es Amsterdam?".   

Are the experiences in English?

We believe that every inhabitant makes a city, but we chose these 8 wonderful people because we know them personally. They each embody a theme that Amsterdam is famous for, like prostitution, drugs and bikes. By sharing their stories and perspectives, our hope is that every guest will experience something more than just facts and figures, and find nuggets of inspiration that you can relate to. 

Why did you choose these locals?

It takes around four hours. But sometimes it runs a little over when we have too much fun. Don't worry though. Your guide will always check in with you about your schedule at the start of the tour so you won't run late for anything!

How long is a tour?

Some of the stories we share (about prostitution and coffeeshops) are suitable for 18+. But if you don't mind, neither do we! Otherwise, there are other child-friendly Amsterdam activities, like Nemo Science Centre and our local zoo, Artis. 

Are children allowed?

You can read them here.

What are your terms and conditions?

Glad you asked! You can email us with your preferred date and time for a private tour.

Where do I sign up?

What happens if i'm late?

Give us a call! We'll let you know where to meet up with us.