We Meet At The Amsterdam "Homomonument"

Meet us only two min away from

the Anne Frank House

Our meeting point is behind the "Westerchurch", which is just a 1 minute away from the Anne Frank House. We're practically located in her backyard!

We'll meet at the Homomonument which is a pink granite triangle coming out of the ground. Click here to see how it looks like!

Getting here

Tram stop: Westermarkt

The stop is right next to our meeting point.

Trams from Central Station (a 10 min ride)

  • Tram 13, direction "Geuzenveld"

  • Tram 17, direction "Dijkgraafplein"

Not coming from Central Station? Please use the public transport planner - 9292OV

in the neighbourhood

Minutes away from our meeting point are some great places for a hearty breakfast and more. Here are some of our favourites. "Eet smaakelijk!" (bon appetit)

Greenwoods Singel.jpg

Where: Singel 103

(8 min walk to meeting point)

Opening times: 9am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 15 minutes

Average price: 18 EUR including a drink

Greenwoods Singel woke Amsterdam up when they opened their doors as the very first English breakfast, lunch and tea room in our city in 1988. Since then, they have been serving hungry patrons with a beautiful menu with your traditional English breakfast (they even have a vegan version), eggs Benedict, pancakes and a beautiful selection of pastries, coffee and tea. No reservations needed if you go early. Chances are that you can slip right in and enjoy a beautiful meal right before we meet.

Where: Tweede Laurierdwaarstraat 50

(8 min walk to meeting point)

Opening times: 8.30am from Monday to Friday

Waiting time: Approx. 15 minutes

Average price: 10 EUR including a drink

Chez Lorraine is a cosy and charming café that serves homemade food with lots of love and attention. Their food is delicious and their menu is simple. Organic eggs done your way (scrambled, omelette, sunny side up or soft boiled) with meats, crepe with ham or bacon, fruits, muesli. They also have vegetarian and vegan options. Wash everything down with a glass of freshly squeezed juice and coffee. The perfect start to your day.

IMG-20180520-WA0017 copy.jpg

Where: Reestraat 19

(5 min walk to meeting point)

Opening times: 9am daily

Waiting time: Approx. 15 minutes

Average price: 12 EUR including a drink

Is it a shop? Is it a café? If you enjoy shopping while waiting for your food, then Pluk is up your alley as it's both a shop and a breakfast cafe! Located on the 9 Streets, it’s a cosy breakfast spot which serves some wonderful baked goods, sandwiches, pancakes and coffee. While waiting, browse around their beautiful shop for everything from jewellery to phone covers. One thing to note: the stairs are narrow and steep. It's Amsterdam, after all!

right across the street


ALbert heijn supermarket

Where: Westermarkt 21

Opening times: 8am from Monday to Saturday

Albert Heijn is the holy grail of supermarkets in Amsterdam. It's located just across the street from our meeting point. Buy water, snacks or a poncho. You can get all your supplies to keep you going on your adventure with us! Take note, they don't accept credit cards. But you can withdraw some Euros from the ATM inside.

Where: Prinsengracht 283 (a few doors down from Albert Heijn Supermarket shown above)

Opening times: 9am from Monday to Saturday

and 10am on Sunday

Cafe Kalkhoven is one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam. Its wooden interior and wall of barrels give it an atmospheric charm and takes you back to 1670 when it first opened. Enjoy a coffee or tea here and take a leisurely 1 min stroll to our meeting point.